From pressing 'go' to helping your business Grow.

Elletrepreneur is on a mission to simplify legal services for startups. We want to reduce the costs of essential legal documents without compromising on quality. With a long-standing passion for startups and innovation and having begun as a startup ourselves, we understand what it means to start a business and are therefore best positioned to help clients start and grow their businesses. 



Let's get your business off the ground! We'll help you choose a business structure, work out what legal documents your business needs with Legal MOT and get your initial structure in place. 



When building a new business, you'll be creating new things all the time, or perhaps paying someone else to like employees or freelancers. We will help you protect your intellectual property and get the right contracts in place with those you work with. 



As you grow your business, you might be thinking about seeking funding, exporting your products or building your team.  Our 'Grow' resources provide guidelines to help your business fly!